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TEMPUR - Mattresses & pillows for a better sleep not only on vacation

The fairhotel Hochfilzen is also Tempur dealer for Tyrol & Salzburg. You have the perfect opportunity to try out your Tempur mattress or pillow before you buy. Just come by and test it! Anyone who has ever slept on a mattress or pillow from TEMPUR will appreciate the special comfort.

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Sleep innovation

TEMPUR is a high-tech comfort material originally developed by NASA in the 1970s for the U.S. space program to absorb the g-forces exerted on astronauts during launch. Scientists have perfected this material to make it ideal for sleep products.

TEMPUR is the only mattress and pillow brand to receive the official "Certified Technology" seal of approval from the US Space Foundation.

Best comfort and support

The temperature-sensitive TEMPUR material adapts perfectly to your body, supports it where necessary and can thus avoid unpleasant pressure points. Come to the fairhotel in Hochfilzen in Tyrol for testing and enjoy not only dreamlike surroundings but also the perfect sleeping experience.

Suitable for any type of sleep

With three mattress lines and a large pillow assortment as well as complementary products, TEMPUR offers an individual solution for every sleep type. Simply sleep better, not only on vacation, but also at home.

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