Our wellness oasis

Enjoy relaxing hours in our wellness area: Finnish sauna, infrared cabins, Swiss pine relaxation rooms with Tempur loungers & views of the surrounding mountains.

The area is freely accessible for hotel guests!

For the sake of the environment, we are happy if you bring your own bathrobes and sauna towels! You can also borrow them from us for a rental fee of € 5. 

Relaxing in the Wellness area

Massage services

With Kathrin Langegger (medical & healing masseuse) and Sandor Barta we have two competent partners in house.


25 min... € 35,00 per Massage

50 min... € 65,00 per Massage

All massages can be booked directly at the reception. Here is an excerpt from the offer:

APM (Acupuncture meridian massage)

It is difficult to assign some pain symptoms with a specific treatment, because they result from very versatile problems. This usually indicates an energetic imbalance in the body's circulation. With the help of APM, the body's own energy will be stimulated and certain blockages will be dissolved.

Foot reflexology massage

In a pictorial representation by Hanne Marquardt, you will see the profile of a foot that looks like the shape of a sitting human, and each organ has a corresponding reflex zone, where it can be found anatomically on the foot. This massage relieves congestion, migraines, respiratory diseases...

Manual lymph drainage

Due to operations, injuries, pregnancy, etc., the fluid transporting function of lymphatic channels and nodes may be impaired and must then be stimulated and activated with gentle manual lymph drainage.

Classic massage

Stimulates blood flow & relieves mild to persistent tension. For ex., this includes tension in the shoulder-neck area, which can cause headaches.

Cupping massage

Promotes blood circulation, provides increased detoxification and purification of the skin. Due to the promoted metabolism, there is also a stabilization of the connective tissue after several treatments.

Facial massage

Has a relaxing effect, revitalizes the skin and gives the face a beautiful glow.