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Jacobskreuz on the top of Buchensteinwand

Jakobskreuz hochfilzen

Standing 29.6 meters tall atop the summit of Buchensteinwand Mountain, Jakobskreuz is a multi-storey building in the shape of a cross at an elevation of 1,456 meters above sea level. The most exciting feature of this outstanding building, which can be seen from afar, is the glorious 360 degree views. Visitors can simply contemplate their good fortune while sitting here surrounded by pure mountain beauty, the most sublime spectacle to be found. The four viewing and exhibition rooms serve as fabulous meeting and event spaces. Whether you come here for the mountain nature experience or to attend a special event, you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. An elevator brings visitors up to the viewing platforms in 19 meters height and to the rooftop platform in 28 meters height. In immediate vicinity to the Jakobskreuz Cross you will find the Buchensteinwand Alpine Inn.

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